About Enfinio

Enfinio is formed around a simple, inspirational and disruptively productive idea. That being, for many types of search, shape-based search can convey the most precise context and therefore the most accurate and useful results. Language, semantic and meaning based search engines have certainly shifted the productivity curve of mankind, however, for many kinds of searches shape matters!

It is not only exact but completely unambiguous. Shape search is name-less, Intuitive, accurate and language independent. Spelling doesn’t count. File naming conventions don’t apply.

“I want a part that has this shape.” “I want a table lamp that looks like this.”

Perform a quick Google search on table lamps, you get 36,200,000 results. But where is the lamp you are looking for?

Studies show that Engineers in large industrial organizations will spend 3-5 minutes in a hopeless search through part meta data before they just give up and build a new part.

Enfinio, Inc. believes there is a better way. A simple yet profound way to find exactly what you are looking for. Enfinio, Inc is where search takes shape!

  • A single part can cost $20,000 over its lifetime…so can each of its duplicates.
  • Best-in-class (manufacturers) are 3X as likely to use geometry search…” - Aberdeen Report
  • Shape based search is simply the most ubiquitous, accurate and intuitive search key for product data.
  • Given its broad set of capabilities, Bingo! provides an interesting shape search engine… and is well worth evaluating.” - CIMdata, 2010
  • Shape based search is name-less. File naming conventions, language and spelling are not required.