PLM – How long will the treasure hunt continue? (Part 1)

More than eight decades have passed since the first part numbering system was used, and there are discussions and debates  still ongoing about the choice between the intelligent and semi-intelligent part numbering methods. By definition, a part number unambiguously identifies a part design within a single corporation, and sometimes across several corporations.

Considering the long-time usage of part numbering, the age of insufficient communication between corporations, the freedom given for part numbering, and the number of generations of experts within each corporations over such a long period, one can imagine the variety and complexity of part numbering in organizations and the industry today. Read more

Envision the power of shape-based search solutions for today’s manufacturers

“The“The Power of Shape” eBook from Enfinio, Inc. explains how shape search technology is solving engineering, part management and part proliferation issues.

Among the significant challenges facing manufacturer’s today are inconsistent parts databases, Insufficient re-use of existing designs and part proliferation of designs and inventories.

“Our shape-based search solution is formed around a simple, inspirational and disruptively productive idea.” explains Robert Chapdelaine, VP and General Manager for Enfinio. “For many types of search, shape-based search can convey the most precise context and therefore the most accurate and useful results. Shape-Based search is name-less. Language and complex file naming conventions are not required. Our Bingo! shape search technology delivers high value solutions to the part and vendor proliferation problems found in large manufacturing companies today.” Read more

Shape-based search technology company announces launch

“EnfinioSconce Solutions PTE, Ltd. and Enfinio, Inc. are pleased to announce the formation of Enfinio, Inc.

Sconce Solutions developed a powerful new software technology for shape based classification and search called Bingo!. Over the past few years, the market for this software and the capability of this product have continued to grow such that it is now necessary to launch a new U.S. software company, Enfinio, Inc.

Enfinio will focus 100% on the development, sale, marketing and support of the Bingo! software product. Read more