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Bingo! is a shape-based search technology which provides a unique and highly productive solution to the part and vendor proliferation problems found among major manufacturers today.

Using our powerful shape similarity algorithm, Bingo! enables manufacturers to locate, organize and analyze duplicate and similar designs and parts, thereby, effectively providing visibility and decision support information for aggregations initiatives.

Shape-based search is nameless. Spelling, language, and file naming rules are not required. The shape search technology of Bingo! is simply the most ubiquitous, accurate, and intuitive search key for product data. Bingo! will enhance your strategic sourcing initiative by enabling shape-based part and product similarity analysis and linking geometric data with attribute data from non-CAD systems to provide a central repository for similarity based decisions.

Bingo! capabilities include:

  • Identifying duplicate and similar parts.
  • Organizing and classifying part data into useful catalogs.
  • Providing powerful and intuitive shape search capabilities.
  • Analyzing and reporting on the data to enable effective decision making.
  • Integration to external attribute based systems for additional filtering and consolidation of data in a single, similarity based system.

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