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The search industry is changing rapidly and delivering orders of magnitude improvements in the time, accuracy, context and ease of use in finding what you are searching for. For many applications, shape-based search provides the simplest, most powerful, and fastest way to search and compare product data.

Here, on Enfinio’s Industry Insights page, you will find articles, insights, data, case studies and technology reviews from both Enfinio, Inc. as well as outside sources to help you better understand shape based search. From exploring the problems it solves and how it works to justifying the solutions. Industry insights is a great source to find what you need and help you solve search and comparison problems!

Case Studies / White Papers

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA)

A leading PLM Services company, SCONCE Solutions, was assigned with the task of implementing the new PLM solution and migrating legacy data for MCFA. After careful evaluation of the situation, SCONCE recommended using the powerful new shape-based technology from Enfinio, Inc. – named Bingo! – for identifying and archiving duplicated CAD data. The remaining CAD data, stripped of proliferated objects, would then be migrated into the new PLM solution.

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CIMdata – 3D Geometric Search

Many new products are designed using the 3D models of existing products as a starting point; reusing and adapting pre-existing parts. The emerging technology of 3D geometric search fits into a company’s process best when the designer needs more than a text search to find a needed model.

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Aberdeen – The Design Reuse Benchmark Report

Design reuse. The idea is simple. Take past designs and repurpose them into new ones. The benefit? Starting with an already completed design allows engineers to avoid starting from scratch.

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Featured Publication

The Parts Standardization and Management Committee: Reduce Program Costs Through Parts Management

The goal of parts management is to improve the operational readiness and reduce life-cycle costs by promoting the use of common, widely available, reliable parts and processes.

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eBook: The Power Of Shape

The Power Of Shape: Challenges and Solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing Part Data Management

Part Proliferation of Designs and Inventories is a significant challenge. This free eBook explains the shape-based search solution.

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Bingo! Brochure

Bingo! – Shape-Based Search System

Bingo! is a shape-based search technology which provides a unique and highly productive solution to the data proliferation problems found amongst major manufacturers today.

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