New Product Development

The Opportunity

New Product Development (NPD) is an ongoing innovation process in any product enterprise. Continuous creative design updates are the top priority for manufacturing companies that are determined to stay competitive in today’s fast paced market.

A top down modeling approach offers a highly efficient process for NPD. In this approach, the main product assembly is broken into multiple sub-assemblies, and parts, that can be designed and manufactured in parallel.

Figure 1: New Product Design – Freedom of Choice vs. Cost of Change

As shown in Figure 1, it is essential to make the right choices and decisions while designing such parts and assemblies in the early stage of NPD, as the cost of change increases drastically and freedom of choice falls over time along the process from designing to manufacturing parts.

With the industry problem of having multiple naming methodologies, and with language and regional diversity, the inability to find and re-use already existing, matured models pose a big challenge. Higher freedom of choice at the beginning of NPD is required, however it is hampered due to lack of a search mechanism that can efficiently present all available re-use choices.

Required Capabilities:

To have good control of the cost of the product and time to market from the beginning of the NPD, it is essential have a solution that can:

  • Efficiently present alternatives available for reuse
  • Support intuitive search for the required CAD models
  • Search for a large list of assembly components at once to match existing models for re-use
  • Reduce redundant parts so as to make an uncluttered, concise list of choices at all stages of NPD

The Solution:

Bingo! – a powerful shape based search solution with multiple tools to enable a best possible, efficient design re-use. Bingo! supports both individual part based geometric search as well as mass assembly components search operations.

During the initial conceptual stage models can be efficiently searched using a sketcher search tool that takes 2D views and the overall dimension of the component as input for searching. In the specific case of top-down approach, where skeleton models of the overall structure of the new assembly is defined first, Bingo! Component Alternate Search functionality can be exploited to efficiently search for existing matching parts for multiple assembly components at once. Such mass comparison enables finding existing components for top-down assembly structure and replace the new skeleton parts by using existing models, thus avoiding part proliferation from the very beginning of the NPD process, where the cost of such change is significantly less.

Being able to find and re-use components from the early stage of NPD, allows the designer to spend required time to innovate by being creative on a smaller set of new models, rather than inadvertently spending time in recreating and reinventing a large number of already existing deigns. When a high level of re-use is achieved, the amount of defects found in the finished product drastically reduces. This is a result of re-using parts with known high quality as well as the time made available to focus on improving the quality of the new parts/product.